Top Gag Gifts 2012

Don’t we all love Gag Gifts? They are funny and they are sure to get everyone laughing at a party! What makes a great gag gift? This is highly opinionated, so it is up to you and your sense of humor as well as the person you are giving it to. My advice is know your audience. If it is likely to completely offend old grandma, then don’t give it to her. If you know this particular gag gift would make your friends laugh for days, then go for it! Here is a list of my top gag gifts.

Hillary Clinton Toilet Buddy – Toilet Brush
This is something else. It is Hillary Clinton as, yes, a toilet bowl cleaner. The part that you clean the bowl, is yes you guessed it her hair. She can scrub, scrub, scrub the scum away from your toilet. Maybe she should scrub the scum out of her husband too. This is perfect for someone that doesn’t completely love the Clinton’s and never believed Bill when he said, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” Each Hillary Toilet Brush stands almost 16 inches, perfect for getting to those hard to reach grimy spots. Measures are17″ x 19″.

Control Your Man Remote Control
Just think of who in your life would get a kick out of having a remote control that you get to “control” your man. Just press a button and you can tell him what to do at anytime. Or even press pause, you get the idea. You can press stop for farting, if were only that easy! Press flowers, chocolate, or shopping to get him to do what you want! This is sure to get her laughing!

Cougar Soap
This one made me laugh. Yes, I am older than my husband, not by much, but it is still funny to tease him. It is a funny way of calling your girlfriends, or spouse a cougar. It is a sort of compliment anymore today. Demi Moore, she is one hot cougar. This cougar soap will get you laughing and might I add clean too.

Shut The Hell Up Gum
Don’t all moms wish they could have this in their purse to give to their kids? This is a funny one for a teenager to give to their moms as the gag gift saying, “Ok mom whenever you give this gum to me I can’t backtalk.” It is sure to make mom giggle!

Bacon Band-aids
You gotta have the funny band aids in your medicine cabinet, so why not Bacon Band-aids. That’s right they look just like bacon! You could give this to the Vegan in your life, they will love it to pieces. You know they secretly wish they could eat bacon too.

Eggnog Gumballs
The holidays are right around the corner. What is a Holiday party without eggnog. So, now you can have it in gumball flavor too. Give it to the person that can’t get enough it or can’t stand the stuff, both are sure to laugh.

Fake Turd Toilet
What is a gag gift without a fake turd? It is a classic, tried and true and sure to make someone almost throw up or laugh. You’ll “get em” with this one fore sure.

Fridge Patrol
This is one hilarious gag gift. Perfect for your friends who are starting their diet. You want to give them a little moral support right? This is the trick. The Fridge Patrol! If you get too close to the fridge, or try to open the door this little 5 inch officer will shout demoralizing phrases at you. It is a funny one and will honestly make them think twice about eating that ice cream.

Inflatable Fruitcake
The holidays are always about the fruitcake right? Who really likes fruitcake anyway? Because here is the truth, people give out those fruitcakes during the holiday season, yet nobody ever eats them. Not only does it take work to bake, but it is a waste of good ingredients. So, you simply inflate this plastic fruitcake, and it can be gifted and re-gifted over and over again, no waste, no mess, no effort. Just keep it around for many years to come and use it for the Holidays over and over. They’ll get a kick out of it.

Obama Chia Pet Head
We all really wish we could see President Obama with an Afro right? Now your diehard Obama fan can too. Chia pets are still out there and very in-style. Chia pets are seriously fun to grow and who better than the commander in chief!

Pillow tie
The is the gift of you give to that certain someone that is always drifting off in church, business meetings, or weddings. The tie perfectly has an air pocket in it that can be blown up. So the guy in your life can put that over the bench or desk and take a little rest on his pillow. Don’t want to get in trouble? Don’t worry it deflates instantly.

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags
This one is perfect for the kids at lunch time. You can trick them and they can trick their friends at school. Each bag has a bug printed on it, so it will look like your lunch is infested. Each box has 24 bug filled bags ready for your lunch time fun. Mom is going to get you kids on April Fools day, watch out!

Covert Clicker Remote
This little number is a funny one that hopefully won’t end in a fight when you covertly change the football game! One push of a button and the television suddenly changes to your favorite program. Freak everyone out by randomly changing channels. You could get a whole trick going that the TV is haunted. Creepy! This a great gag gift that the person might just put it to good use! They can try to get their husband off the sofa and out working in the yard.

iPhone App Fridge Magnets
These are a totally funny gag gift of today’s culture. We all have iPhones, iPads, iPods that have these “Apps.” Now for that obsessed iPad junkie they never have to be without their precious apps again. They will be on the fridge and you can use the “App” to get a drink out of the fridge. We are all about the App craze! These magnets will be very funny and a cool gag gift to get. Just think there’s an App for that, right on your fridge!

These are just a few of the best Gag Gifts around. They are sure to get your family, friends, and kids laughing. Everyone needs to laugh more and these fun gag gifts are the way to go!

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