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Top Gag Gifts 2012

Top Gag Gifts

Don’t we all love Gag Gifts? They are funny and they are sure to get everyone laughing at a party! What makes a great gag gift? This is highly opinionated, so it is up to you and your sense of humor as well as the person you are giving it to. My advice is know your audience. If it is likely to completely offend old grandma, then don’t give it to her. If you know this particular gag gift would make your friends laugh for days, then go for it! Here is a list of my top gag gifts. Hillary … Continue Reading

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Funny Christmas Gifts 2012 – White Elephant and Gag Gifts

Funny Christmas Gifts

During the holiday season we have a chance to have fun. Relax, give and receive touching gifts, and laugh out loud over some great gag gifts. Whether it is for a white elephant party or just some laughs at Christmas time, gag gifts always get a great reaction and a smile. So take a break from the crazy gift shopping a have some less serious fun with some of the bestselling gag gifts of the year. First a classic gag gift: Dunking Bird The famous dunking bird is sure to get a laugh. Children love to watch the bird “drinking” … Continue Reading

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Best Gag Gifts 2012

Best Gag Gifts 2011

Gag gifts are great fun, but it’s important to stay away from tired old gags like whoopee cushions and fake poo. The point is to make everyone laugh… not groan. These refreshingly funny gifts are the latest, greatest things in gag gift givery. Appropriate for even buttoned-up, conservative recipients, no one will be offended by these gags, and the kids won’t have to go into the other room while you open them. Best Gag Gifts 2011 Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush (Somebody to Love and Love Me) by Brush Buddies Who wouldn’t want to start their morning in front of the … Continue Reading

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