Funny Christmas Gifts 2012 – White Elephant and Gag Gifts

During the holiday season we have a chance to have fun. Relax, give and receive touching gifts, and laugh out loud over some great gag gifts. Whether it is for a white elephant party or just some laughs at Christmas time, gag gifts always get a great reaction and a smile. So take a break from the crazy gift shopping a have some less serious fun with some of the bestselling gag gifts of the year.

First a classic gag gift:

Dunking Bird

The famous dunking bird is sure to get a laugh. Children love to watch the bird “drinking” but the dye and the fluid in the bird can stain, so watch out. There are also some glass versions that shatter easily. A useless, but well known gift, it receives four out of five stars on Amazon, due to educational possibilities. The repeated dunking of the bird is due to evaporation, making the top heavy so it dunks back into the water. Still, this is a dumb looking bird and a great gag gift for white elephant parties.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Another fun gag gift and a top seller is the Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray. Affordable at less than ten dollars it is well within a white elephant gift budget or could make a great stocking stuffer. Now, as it is a gag gift, this spray does not actually give you an accent, but it is a great gift for laughs or acts as a conversation starter. The spray is really minty, so it acts as any breath spray should, but with a funny twist. Certainly a worthy gag gift.

Toilet Mug

A favorite among the gag gifts buyers would have to be the Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug.  Four and half stars out of five and a laugh for everyone, this gift is less than ten bucks on Amazon and well worth the price. The entertainment value of this mug is priceless, just picture it filled with coffee or coco! This is a ceramic mug shaped like a toilet bowl and is dishwasher safe; making sure this gift will be enjoyed for a long time. Whoever you give this to will get a kick out of drinking from the toilet and is sure to keep this mug around for a long time. A great gift, even for a gag gift.

Funny Coin Drop Bank

While on the subject of slightly inappropriate gifts we cannot leave out the Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank.  The name of the item is self-explanatory.  Simply insert a coin and the bank makes a farting noise. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything and a great gag gift as well. This bank will amuse, inspire people to save, and provides laughter for Christmases to come. At less than twelve dollars this bank pays for itself in laughter and received four out of five stars on Amazon.  Just remember to put the batteries in before your gift it, then the Farting Bank will be ready to enjoy.

WTF Stamp

If you have a friend who spends most of the time at the office then get them the WTF? Red Office Stock Self-inking Rubber Stamp. Less than ten dollars and is sure to get peoples’ attention.  Four and half out of five stars, this stamp is a way to have fun in the office and relieve the stress of the day. Papers after papers are piling up at your friend’s desk? No problem. Just give in the WTF? Stamp and he won’t mind the paper work. This is gift is completely satisfying  for anyone who looks at lots of papers all day, or just as a fun white elephant gift over the holidays.

Cat Air Freshener

Yet another top selling gag gift item is the Cat Butt themed car air freshener. Just looking at the packaging and the shape of the freshener makes this gift worthwhile. The backside view of a cat, but the smell is still good. Great gag gift, conversation starter, still makes your car smell good.  This is well within the budget of a white elephant party at less than five dollars, and makes a fun stocking stuffer. Make someone smile when they get into their car by giving them the Cat Butt Air Freshener.

Panic Button
Ever get frustrated on the computer or have a friend who does? Well, here is the nonworking solution. The Panic Button and Any Key Set allows a frustrated computer use to express their feelings without screaming or breaking things. The set comes with a red panic button and an any key button you can simply attach to your keyboard or any frustrating item with the self-adhesive. These are fun gift ideas, especially for someone who works at a desk. If their computer is giving them problems, simply press the panic button. If they computer tells them to press any key, well there is a button for that now. Entertaining and satisfying this gift is less than ten dollars and is great for stockings, white elephant party, or even just a gift for you.
Why I Love My Job – Blank Book
If you have multiple parties to attend and multiple gifts to hand out, take a look at the blank book gag gifts on These books have fun titles like “Why I love my Job” and “What Men Know about Women” and are blank inside because the answer is nothing. Confusing and amusing, these books are all different on the outside yet the same on the inside. “What I Learned From High School, “What I know About Being A Dad, and “Life After Retirement” and some of the best, just to name a few.  The book covers have fun pictures, testimonials, and messages which give no clues to what is inside the book.  Less than ten dollars and the book can be used as a journal if they want. Two gifts for the price of one, a gag gift and a journal, these books are sure to get a thumbs up.
If you know someone who gets confused about the simplest things, get them the Butt Face Towel and Soap Set. No longer will they have confusion about which towel or bar of soap is for their face or for their backside. The set comes with one medium sized towel with one side brown and one white, labeled face and butt.  It also comes with a bar of soap, one side labeled butt and the other labeled face. The color coding helps to remember and it’s great for guest bathrooms.  Part gag gift or part serious, this helps solve the problem we’ve had for years. Butt or face? This is an amusing gift and sure to entertain the masses.
Potty Putter
Last but not least the Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game. This is perfect for guys who are not accustomed to having to squat to use the bathroom or those who spend a long time on the john. Don’t just read about golf while on the toilet, play it. This set includes a putting green, a cup with a flag, two golf balls, a putter, and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. This is a great golfer Christmas gift and can be taken half seriously. The small area helps improve putting and offers some extra practice time.  This is a funny gift that they are sure to love and laugh at.
Christmas time should be a time for laughter, not stress. Remember funny gifts can be good gifts like the Potty Putter Toilet Game.  You can express frustrations with the Panic Button and Any Key Set or the WTF? Red Office Stock Self-inking Rubber Stamp. Show off your sense of humor with the Cat Butt themed car air freshener or the Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray, and just have fun with the blank books or the famous dunking bird. Remember to have fun during this holiday season and fill it with laughter.
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