Best Gag Gifts 2012

Gag gifts are great fun, but it’s important to stay away from tired old gags like whoopee cushions and fake poo. The point is to make everyone laugh… not groan. These refreshingly funny gifts are the latest, greatest things in gag gift givery. Appropriate for even buttoned-up, conservative recipients, no one will be offended by these gags, and the kids won’t have to go into the other room while you open them.

Best Gag Gifts 2011

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush (Somebody to Love and Love Me)
by Brush Buddies

Who wouldn’t want to start their morning in front of the sink with a crooning Justin Bieber? Plenty of people, most likely, which makes this a great gag gift. Give it to a teenage boy, a cranky neighbor or your mother. Just make sure that the recipient knows who Justin Bieber is, or the joke won’t play out very well (he’s a teen idol pop star, quite popular with pre-teen females). The toothbrush, which is quite functional, includes the batteries. Brush heads are replaceable as well. Justin will sing his song, “Someone to Love and Love Me” for two minutes in the morning, and two minutes in the evening when the correct button is pushed — brush from beginning to end and conquer plaque and gingivitis.

Giant Microbes E. coli (Escherichia coli)
by Giant Microbes

The perfect gag gift for the science nerd! Giant Microbes produces a whole line of fun microbial stuffed friends for your amusement and enjoyment. Give him an E. coli to cuddle up with at night. The stuffed friend is between 5” and 7” long and comes with an educational tag that explains about the particular microbe. Other available microbes include Salmonella, Penicillin, Mad Cow, MRSA, T4-Bacteriophage, Swine Flu and many more. A great gift for kids, too, and a unique addition to a stuffed animal collection. Give one to your science teacher, family doctor or local germaphobe.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray
by Blue Q $7.99

So maybe he’s no Colin Farrell or Aiden Quinn. He can pretend to be, and you might even want to kiss him after he uses the Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray by Blue Q. This minty spray is colored green for Irish good luck. The company makes no claims about the quality of your Irish accent after use, so beware of some pretty bad acting. The breath spray works, though, and will freshen even the worst Irish whisky breath.
The bottle is .25 ounces. A great gift for St. Paddy’s Day, or really any day when you want to hear your loved one attempt a pathetic Irish accent.

Sarcastic Ball Magic Gag Gift Ball
by Accoutrements $7.42

Remember those cool old 8 balls that you could shake for the answer to your deepest, darkest questions? Even when the answer was negative, the Magic 8 Ball let you down easy with answers like “Probably Not” or “Don’t Count on It.” But this gift is not the nostalgic Magic 8 Ball of the 1970s. Instead, when you shake it and ask, “Is the hot guy in the cubicle next door ever going to ask me out?” you might get an answer like, “Yeah, right” or “In your dreams!” This Sarcastic Ball pulls no punches. And reminds you that, really, you can’t get answers to life’s deep, dark questions from a 4” plastic ball.

Slingshot Flying Pig with Oink Sound
by Playmaker Toys

Bored at the office? Maybe everyone has their head down working and you just want to have a little fun. Grab your Slingshot Flying Pig with Oink Sound, put your fingers in the pockets on the back of his front legs, pull and let ‘er fly. The pig will emit a loud oinking sound as it flies 50 feet through the air. He’s soft and plushy, so he won’t break the computer monitor or give the secretary a concussion. And, he’s guaranteed to loosen up the mood in the office. This is also a great gift for school teachers. Is there a kid asleep in the back of the classroom? Not for long! The pig is nine inches long. Playmaker Toys offers other species of flying fun including Flying Duck, Flying Screaming Monkey and Flying Barnyard Chicken. Collect ‘em all.

Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron
by Genius Babies $24.95

Changing diapers isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but it’s a necessary evil. Don’t let mom get stuck with diaper duty, get dad in on the action. A great gift for first-time fathers, the Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron comes with everything dad needs to prepare to go into battle with noxious, gaseous odors those little ones can emit. The heavy-duty canvas apron is functional and includes pockets. It’s also washable. The apron sports a picture of a baby with the words, “Daddy’s Doodie.” Two cleverly placed baby bottle nipples adorn the apron in case of emergencies. A face mask is included and clothes pins to pinch nostrils shut if that doesn’t do the trick. Rubber gloves will protect Daddy’s sensitive hands, and a disposable diaper comes with the set in case Dad forgot to grab one before undertaking the task. This is a hilarious gift for any new dad.

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